Friday, September 07, 2012

Saskatoon Chef's Tour - Stop #3

After the touring the greenhouse at Floating Gardens and the apple orchard at Petrofka Bridge Orchard, the chefs were hungry. And lost. After a quick phone call, we found ourselves on the road to Pine View Farms for lunch.

Melanie Boldt met us in the farm store. She and her husband Kevin market livestock raised without hormones or regular antibiotics. Thus their motto "all natural meats."

Pine View Farms products include chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit and duck. Chickens are raised on this farm while the other livestock are raised by neighbouring farmers who follow the "all natural" protocol.

The chefs cooked up a beautiful lunch on the patio with many Pine View Farms products on the grill and plenty of fresh vegetables from Floating Gardens.

The farm was started by Kevin's grandfather. This old barn is picturesque but no longer used for livestock. For locations where their products are sold, including the farm store, visit the Pine View Farms website.
Next stop: Living Soil Farm

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