Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saskatoon Chef's Tour - Stop #4

After lunch at Pine Vew Farms, the chefs were in need of some exercise. Well, not too much exercise. At Living Soil Farm, we jumped onto a tractor-pulled wagon for a tour of the fields.

The farmer, Steve Guenther, showed us his huge organic vegetable gardens, including the strawberry patch. Yeah, dessert!  

Steve primarily grows root vegetables such as these potatoes, but he's also got lentils and peas.
Steve grew up on this farm, which was a dairy operation until 2005. Now, Living Soils Farm sells its organic potatoes and other produce at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market. 

Last stop, the hemp fields. Hemp is related to marajuana but doesn't get you high. Even so, some of the chefs were rather excited to stroll through the hemp field. Must be nostalgia for the chefs' tour of 2012.

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