Thursday, September 06, 2012

Saskatoon Chefs' Tour - Stop #2

After the bus left Floating Gardens, we made our way to the Petrofka Bridge Orchard overlooking the valley of the North Saskatchewan River.

Mike and Anne Noel grow dwarf apple varieties created at the University of Saskatchewan. Mike tells the chefs: "Prairie Sensation is the most beautiful apple."

 They started Petrofka Bridge Orchard from scratch 16 years ago. From 2,000 trees, they harvest 20-25,000 pounds of apples each year.
Apples are sold in the orchard store, along with apple cidre vinegar, apple juice and dried apple slices. The store also carries produce from neighbouring farms.

Just squeezed the night before. Anne fills a jug for each chef. It takes 7-8 pounds of apples to make enough juice to fill one jug.

Next stop: the chefs make lunch at Pine View Farms.

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