Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Grapes!

Want to grow and stomp your own grapes? Learn the art of growing and breeding grapes for the prairies with Tyler Kaban, a passionate grape breeder at the University of Saskatchewan.

I recently paid a visit to Tyler and his grapes (since it was winter, in the greenhouse at the U of S). Those are his grapes in the picture. Tyler is looking for folks around the province willing to grow his grape varieties to see which ones do best in real prairie conditions.

The seminar is April 1. Information and agenda will be posted here as they become available.


N P said...

I've been trying to grow grapes with little success for the last two years. Maybe they will take off this year.
I love your blog and your book.
I've been wondering why you haven't mentioned anything about Saskatchewan hemp seeds....
Nicole in Regina

Amy Jo Ehman said...

My girlfriend Janice says she planted grapes last year and even got a few grapes. I'm not sure what variety she planted - I'll ask her and report back.

N P said...

I planted Valiant grapes I think. I noticed on the Over the Hill Orchard website that they did not have good luck with theirs.

Janice said...

Hi Amy and Nicole -

I'm not so good on breeds but I planted two types ( I recall that you were supposed to use a few different varieties for cross-pollination). I remember I got eating varieties rather than for wine or jam.

I'll check once the snow is gone - I might have left the tag on them.

As for the grapes, we got about four handfuls, each about the size of a very large pea. They are in a warm little microclimate on the south wall of the house and I left them until after the first frost to try to get as much sugar coming out as I could. It worked and they were a delicious surprise for the first year.

Carla said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!