Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Pulse of Food Day Canada

Pulse : the edible seeds of various crops (as peas, beans or lentils) of the legume family; Middle English puls, probably from Anglo-French puuiz gruel, from Latin pult-, puls, probably from Greek poltos.
First known use: 13th century. -- Miriam Webster online

Best known use: Food Day Canada dinner at Boffins Club on Thursday evening!

Steelhead trout with chickpea crust and a dill & lentil cracker

Rosehip seared breast of duck with mustard lentil pickle and a stook of romaine with a camelina birch balsamic vinaigrette

Calico baked beans with cherry-honey braised pork belly and a crostini with Herschel Hills Cendres de Prairie cheese

Rhubarb crème brulée, truffle mousse on a black bean brownie (wrapped in chocolate), fried vanilla bannock and
seabuckthorn compote 
Thanks to Saskatchewan Pulse Growers for inviting me to this lovely dinner to celebrate Food Day Canada and two food celebrities, Anita Stewart (founder of Food Day Canada) and Al Slinkard, university plant scientist and indefatigable promoter of pulse crops in Saskatchewan. It was a memorable and inspiring event!


Damian said...

Nice-looking spread, but the pulses were still sidekicks to the main dish. It's really ironic that we export most of our lentils instead of making them a part of our staple diet. I try to ensure that pulses comprise the main dish at a meal at least three to four times a week.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Good point, Damian. I think we are slowly adding lentils and other pulses to our diets, but it is a learning curve for most. Sounds like you're doing it right.