Friday, May 24, 2013

Kitchen Collections - Tacky Tourist Spoons

No fancy wall holder collecting dust for me - I use my tacky tourist spoons! Like my collection of tacky tourist mugs, each one represents a city I have travelled to (and a few prov/states). But unlike my collection of tacky tourist mugs, I didn't buy a single spoon while travelling. They're all from goodwill stores here at home. (50 cents versus $5 each!)

San Francisco, Quebec City, Paris, La Ronge

Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, Victoria, Mazatlan

Vienna, Salzburg, London, Heidelberg
Deadwood, Death Valley, San Francisco (again), Manitou Beach

And many more...
What's your kitchen collection?


JoyD said...

Like you I use my "tacky tourist spoons" and they are especially interesting when having guests for dinner - conversation turnabouts they are. I bought many of mine at their designated locations and they were once on my wall. Approximately 15 spoons later, and an unwanted inheritance of about 30, I stopped buying them and took them off the wall. Sometimes I worry about some of the finishes and if I should be using them but for as often as I do and never with anything acidic or hot, they should not contaminate me or my food. Putting things to other uses is a good thing.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

It never occurred to me that perhaps these teaspoons are not food safe!! Maybe that explains my early dementia... :)