Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kitchen Collections - Coffee Mugs

I buy coffee mugs. What better souvenir than something used every day, a constant and pleasant reminder of travel to distant lands. The first mug was London, England. The most recent was Las Vegas. Two rules: it must be cities (no countries) that I have visited myself.
Nagasaki, Chicago, Las Vegas

Hong Kong, Victoria, Quebec City

New York, London, Niagara Falls

Humboldt, Toronto, Paris
Missing: Vienna, Maple Creek, Calgary, Seoul
(must be in the dishwasher!)
Some mornings, I wake up feeling like it's a Chicago day. If it's snowy, perhaps Quebec City. Feeling nostalgic, Paris. Feeling lucky, Vegas. When friends come for coffee, I take a moment to choose the 'right' mug for everyone. What's your kitchen collection?

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