Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ag in the City in Saskatoon

The winning pie... lemon meringue baked by students at St. Joe's. Yes, life is sweet when you're a pie judge. Actually, there was a tie for first place in the sweet pie category, but I gobbled down the apple pie before I got a picture of it.

After dessert, the main course. Chefs' "black box" challenge: good Saskatchewan foods such as lentils, mustard, pork, pasta and eggs. 
Chef Peter Phillips, Boffins Club,
gets delicate with an omelette.
Chef Moe Mathieu, White Birch Catering,
gets up close and personal with a pot of beans.

Chef Simon Reynolds, Simon's Fine Foods,
 gets al dente with fettuccini
And the winning dish from Simon Reynolds - pasta with poached pork and vegetables in cream sauce with a salsa bean salad. Congrats chef. It was tremendously fun to eat with you this afternoon.

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