Thursday, November 01, 2012

Winter Project:

Eating Myself Out of House and Home!

My freezer is full of meat and berries. My pantry is full of lentils and canned pears. My basement is full (well not quite full) of potatoes and carrots. I want it all gone by spring. So this winter, I am Eating Myself Out of House and Home.

Every day, I will dip into my stores and see what comes out. Will it be lamb or venison? Berries or apple juice? Corn salsa or chickpeas? I've been very conscientious about gathering and preserving the bounty of Saskatchewan, and now I'm going to

Excuse me while I dip into the freezer and see what's for dinner tonight...

1 comment:

Bernie said...

It is always a challenge to finish everything up isn't it. One tends to forget what is in the cold storage room. I think it's time for some salsa inspired corn stew. Thanks for the inspiration.