Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning to make Cheese

My husband grew up in Wisconsin, in the heart of dairy country, where farmers sell cheese made from the milk of their own cows. Whenever we go back to Wisconsin, my favourite road food is a bag of fresh-made squeaky cheese curds. For me, that is the taste (and sound) of Wisconsin.

Here in Saskatchewan, John does some business with a sawmill at Rosthern and learned that the owner's wife, Rachel, makes cheese with milk from the family's herd of goats. Rachel and Vernon have six boys, and the oldest are responsible for milking the goats every morning. She makes cheese just about every week.

In the interest of my foodie tendencies, John asked if I could visit Rachel on a day she was making cheese. So, on a rainy Tuesday, I went to their farm to observe the cheese making process. It's certainly not hard, though it is time-consuming. Now I'm ready to buy supplies and try it myself. If only I could find a source of fresh farm milk...

Rachel and her youngest, Brent, stirring in the rennet.

Scooping out the fresh curds.

Cheese for lunch -- This cheese was made last week.

Fresh and squeaky cheese curds. Yummm.

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