Thursday, April 12, 2012

Salami Love

Do not - I repeat Do Not - drive between Saskatoon and Humboldt without stopping in the town of Bruno to buy sausage at the Pulvermacher grocery store.

Jerome and Peter Pulvermacher make sausage the same way their grandfather did when he came to Canada 100+ years ago.

Today I'm loving their salami, which is made the old traditional way by naturally fermenting the meat. Their pepperoni is also worth the trip. It's as far from that fat greasy mass-produced pizza pepperoni as one can get. I think I'll head to the fridge right now for a little pepperoni love...

1 comment:

Kim Duke said...

I've already sent this to my parents - I want to go to this butcher shop the next time I'm in Sask!

Fermented salami?? Awesome!