Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Dinner 2012

Do you ever go somewhere alone, wondering where you're going to sit, only to bump into some friends and end up having a wonderful evening?

For ten years, a duo called The Two Women from Burr have been hosting a local-flavours Earth Day dinner in the Burr community hall, near Humboldt, Saskatchewan. This year, on its tenth anniversary, my husband and I finally made it.

What a treasure! We feasted on dish after dish of wholesome home cooking made with the produce of this bountiful land. The two women, Marie Saretsky and Laurel Merkosky, create a new menu every year. They go to great lengths to make it fresh and enticing, given that spring produce is not yet available. For example, last fall, they blanched heaps and heaps of their favourite "weed" for a baked dish of Scalloped Lamb's Quarters. Now that's dedication! Check out the full menu below.

Our table mates were Michael and Sharon from Manitou Beach, Wanda and Mattias from Humboldt and Jim and Marie-Louise from Humboldt/St. Peter's Abbey. Jim is an amazing resource for anyone gardening on the prairies: he produces heritage seeds and sells them through a mail order company called Prairie Garden Seeds

Of course, we never drive to Humboldt without stopping at the Pulvermacher butcher shop in Bruno -- this time we picked up a big stick of salami. Should last us a month! 

Driving home, the earth was lovely in that last hour of daylight, a flaming sky reflecting off duck ponds and vast prairie fields ready for another abundant season.

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Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

great photos! : ) makes me hungry
~Monika K.
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