Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sauerkraut, mon petit chou chou?

I didn't grow up with sauerkraut, so it's not part of my culinary tradition. But I think, deep down inside, it is part of my ancestral heritage going back to the "Old Country" in Germany and Russia. So, I was excited to discover we have a thriving sauerkraut industry here in Saskatchewan.

Kissel Cabbage is located in Lumsden. It processes tens of thousands of cabbages yearly, which are grown nearby at Craven. I recently bought the sauerkraut and sour cabbage heads (which are used for making cabbage rolls). You can find them in grocery stores across Western Canada. Check it out: Kissel Cabbage.

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umbrellalady said...

I tried the Kissell sauerkraut (because of your post) in a grilled rueben. I will definitely be buying it again. It was so nice to have a "homemade" style of kraut. So good and so mild.