Friday, October 28, 2011

Cooking for Gold

I won't make it to the Olympic Games in 2012, but I will make it to Gold Medal Plates.This is the swankiest, tastiest fundraiser in the country for our Olympic athletes. And it's back in Saskatoon on Saturday, Nov 5!
Here's the list of chefs who are competing for gold:

Ryan Marquis - Delta Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon
Anthony McCarthy - Saskatoon Club, Saskatoon
Derek Cotton - Bliss Restaurant, Saskatoon
Kevin Dahlsjo - Two by Dahlsjo, Prince Albert
Vince Lapointe - Travelodge Hotel, Saskatoon
Brent Lloyd- Simple Chef, Saskatoon
Leo Pantel - Conexus Arts Centre, Regina
Trevor Robertson - Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon
Martin Snow - Creek Bistro, Regina
JP Vives - La Bodega, Regina

Lucky me - I'm one of the judges. Also at the judges' table is Chef Dan Walker of Weczeria, last year's gold medalist. Read last year's report and buy tickets at the official Gold Medal Plates website.

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