Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saskatchewan Menus - Auction Dinner

Last spring, I provided an auction item at a fundraiser for the McClure Foundation that included a copy of my book Prairie Feast and dinner at my house. Yesterday was the big day...

Cold cuts from Emco Finer Foods --
including their award-winning koubassa.
Prunes wrapped in bacon. The prunes weren't local, but the bacon was purchased from Wingeier's at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market.
Sliced tomatoes -- from my garden
Bread from Christie's Bakery -- baguette and German rye

Trout from Wild West Steelhead (purchased whole at the SaskMade Marketplace) baked on a bed of carrots, onions, parsnips and celery. The vegetables came from the farmers' market and my dad's garden. Tarragon from my herb patch. (recipe)

Wild rice. Purchased at the SaskMade Marketplace.

Chickpea and Fruit Salad. (recipe)
Canned chickpeas labelled "Product of Canada." Apples from Petrofka Bridge Orchard. Cumin from a local farmer. Chili powder and garlic from the farmers' market. (Instead of peaches, I used nectarines from the farmers' market and the vendor from B.C.)

Apple pie with cheddar cheese. I picked the apples from a tree in the neighbourhood. Armstrong cheddar made locally by Saputo.
Juliette Cherry liquor from Living Sky Winery.

Thank You Rick and Joy for a wonderful evening!

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