Monday, September 19, 2011

Food Bank Challenge

It's over (at midnight)! We ended our one-week Food Bank Challenge with lentil burgers. Pretty darn good and appropriate to this blog, since the lentils came from a local farm.

So, here are some guidelines for the next time I'm asked to donate an item for the Food Bank:

1. Avoid foods that have to be cooked. No Stove Top Stuffing.
2. The exception to 1. is foods that are cooked simply in boiling water. Pasta is good. Include a sauce.
3. Give tinned fruit. There was no fruit in my food basket. What I wouldn't give for a tin of peaches right now.
4. Don't give food you wouldn't eat yourself. That goes for cheaper quality brands.
5. Don't give food that is about to expire. I've eaten a lot of old bread this week.
6. Include something quick and filling for that bread - peanut butter, jam, cheeze whiz, nutella...
7. Think of the children. Give them a healthy treat - raisins, cheese sticks, etc.
8. Energy bars might be a nice touch. Tasty, quick, filling, easy.
9. Desserts. [Cancel #9 - I've since learned there are no cookies or other desserts in Food Bank baskets.] I haven't eaten sweets for a whole week, except in pre-sweetened oatmeal poridge. My sweet tooth is pouting...
10. Be generous.

Want to know more? Read the Food Challenge blog.


Shelley Ballard said...

Amy Jo, it depends on what you mean by "treats" and "desserts". The Food Bank can only had out foods that fall within the Canada Food Guide. Cookies, candies, etc. cannot be put in the Food Baskets.

Laureen said...

What a wonderful thing to do. Just thinking about what you had to eat during the week (and what others have to eat all the time) makes me realize how spoiled and lucky I am to have so much wonderful food available whenever I want it.

Candice said...

Hi there, I stumbled across your blog when I googled the Pilger Pumpkin Festival. I am so pleased to see a fellow blogger on the SK prairies. I've added you to my favorites and will be stopping by from time to time.