Monday, July 04, 2011

Where is your dairy from?

Here's a snapshot of the dairy products in my fridge. Each one carries a number identifying where it was packaged. So, where have they travelled from?

Dairyland Cremo (4015) - Saputo, Saskatoon, SK
Formost Milk (3907) - Formost, Winnipeg, MB
Apetina Feta (3610) - Amalgamated Dairy, Summerside, PEI
Dairyland Sour Cream (4015) - Saputo, Saskatoon, SK
Bari Ricotta (1900) - Saputo, St-Leonard, QU
PC Bocconcini (1900) - Saputo, St-Leonard, QU
Astro Yogurt (1545) - Parmalat, Toronto, ON
No Name Mozzarella (1680) - Saputo, Mont-Laurier, QU

Check what's in your fridge with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


FairyTale said...

Hi Amy,

I am a new vegetable grower in the Saskatoon area, and I am informally canvassing the community on what they want in terms of locally-grown produce. Ideally, I would like to target the niche market of specialty vegetables and/or exotic varieties of mainstream vegetables, as well as some off-season production.

1. What would you be happy to see available more regularly at the Farmers' Market?

2. Would you consider it a big plus if relatively inexpensive, locally-grown vegetables were available in certain off-season months (April, May, October, November)?

3. Is it essential that the vegetables be organically grown?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

FairyTale said...

Just to clarify my second question above: it is typical to find root vegetables, onions, cabbages and potatoes available in the fall months. However, I intend to produce fresh salad greens in early spring and late fall without the high prices associated with greenhouse culture, and would like to gauge the demand for this.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

I'm eternally grateful to the Saskatoon Farmers' Market for providing fresh vegetables year round. While I like a good green salad in summer, I'm happy to swith my salad repertoire with the seasons. (I'm a huge fan of coleslaw!) I'd like to see new and unusal vegetables for sale, for instance, Asian vegetables. As for the organic question, I prefer fresh food that hasn't been treated with inorganic chemicals. As for inexpensive, who doesn't like that? Bring it on, FairyTale...

FairyTale said...

Thanks for the feedback. We supplied some spinach, sorrel and mache to the market store back in May ("Kaleidoscope Vegetable Gardens") and we will be back on occasional Wednesdays in August/September with some Indian & Asian eggplants, and possibly a small sampling of melons and globe artichokes.

In the fall, we will again supply the little market store with fresh greens.

We run a very modest operation at the moment, as we have full time jobs, but we are planning to expand next year if we feel there is enough potential. This year is a trial run for us.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

I love eggplant! It will be great to see more of that at the market. Sadly, I can't attend the Wednesday market because of other committments that day. But I do shop at the Little Market Store during the week.

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