Saturday, July 02, 2011

New Burger on the Block

Jerry's Food Emporium is showing off its new Artisan burger menu. Jerry and his wife Elyse treated me to a sampling: lamb with Greek topping (on the left), vegetarian (in back) and the classic Angus burger (in front).

Jerry tells me the Angus beef burgers are made from scratch with nothing added but his seasoning blend. The meat is sourced on the prairies. The difficulty in sourcing only Saskatchewan beef, he says, it that there is no appropriate slaughtering facility in Saskatchewan. In other words, Saskatchewan cattle go somewhere else (such as Alberta) for processing, where meat from various origins is mixed together. The same goes for lamb. It would be nice (for our restaurants and our farmers) to have processing facilities here in Saskatchewan.

As for those yummy fries, no, they're not made with Saskatchewan potatoes - yet. Jerry uses only Kennebec potatoes for their flavour, texture and thin skin. He says he can't get them in quantity in Saskatchewan but is working with a local farmer to change that. Go potatoes...

Conclusion: It's hard to eat local in local restaurants for various reasons (from regulatory structures to processing facilities to sheer quantities) but it's nice to know that some restaurateurs like Jerry's are making an effort to tap the local bounty.

Now, check out Jerry's ice cream!


Brahm said...

The lamb burger sounds great! Neat blog!

JJ Moneysauce said...

Jerry's is really working hard to promote their burgers on food websites and elsewhere. Sadly, I have had progressively worse and worse experiences at Jerry's and don't really even bother going there anymore. It is such a zoo. Still, it's great to see them trying. And they do have top shelf ice cream.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

I shy away from any restaurant that could be called "a zoo" by going in the off hours, when the staff isn't taxed to the max. I hate standing in line, even for Jerry's sour cherry gelato!

Elena said...

nice burger
i will try it