Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healthy cup of tea?

If you can identify this chunk of stuff, you're probably healthier than I am!
It's chaga, a fungus hacked off a birch tree somewhere in Saskatchewan. It was given to me on a recent trip to Ness Creek by my friend Curtis, who's collecting and exporting Saskatchewan chaga. According to Curtis, his America buyer says it's the best chaga on the market.

Chaga (as it's called in Russia) is said to be extremely high in antioxidants and, therefore, good for whatever ails you. Curtis says it cured his arthritis.

He instructed me to scrape off some chaga (it's very hard) and infuse it to make a powerful tea. I hear the kettle whistling...

You can contact Curtis through facebook.


umbrellalady said...

It would be interesting to taste it - was it good?

JJ Moneysauce said...


I'll keep my eyes peeled for these.

Taufiq said...

Hello Amy!

I am desperately seeking some Saskatchewan Chaga. I have been looking online but no one seems to be selling any or replying to their emails about Chaga.

Can I have the contact of your friend Curtis so I can purchase some and send it to the UK? I need it for my health. I would appreciate any help!

Kindest Regards