Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spirited Fruits

If you like fruits with spirit, you're sure to like this... Souleio Foods is presenting its "orchard" of fruit spirits including Carmincello (made with Saskatchewan's Carmine Jewel cherries), Citronello and Creme de Cassis (black current) along with its two newest fruit spirits, Simply Sinful Haskap and Misaskwatomina Saskatoon Berry. These spirits at made in-house at Souleio and most of them (expect the citron) are make with locally-grown fruit.

Taste, nibble and learn more about fruity spirits from the folks at Living Sky fruit winery and the U of S plant researchers who bred these fruits for Saskatchewan.

When: Saturday, August 30, 7 pm.
Where: Souleio Foods, 265 3rd Ave. South, Saskatoon
Tickets: $20 in advance only -- call 978-8102

See you there!

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Janice said...

wow this spirited fruit looks heavenly!i have to try this. thanks for the info and great blog!