Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saskatchewan Maple Syrup

Freezing nights, warm days. Perfect weather for tapping maple trees. Here's Gerry and Russ tapping a grove of Manitoba maples near Kamsack, Saskatchewan. By the end of the day, it will be maple syrup -- Saskatchewan style.  

Instead of galvanized steel pails, they're using a much less expensive (if less picturesque) alternative - milk jugs. Then it's into the steaming sugar shack to be cooked down to syrup. It takes about 40 litres of sap to produce one litre of maple syrup!

Yumm... blueberry pancakes and Saskatchewan maple syrup. This 500 ml bottle is $14. To purchase some for yourself, call Gerry Moriarty at Leprechaun Taps, Kamsack. 306-542-4220.


Charlotte RICAUD said...

Hello, I am a french student in Saskatchewan until the beginning of August and I would really like to buy some maple syrup from Saskatchewan (and maybe bring some more to my friends in France ?)
Do you know where I could find or order some --from farmers not in a supermarket? I live near Prince Albert National Park but I can drive around ; at worst, I could order it and go take it in August.
Thank you very much if you can help!
Have a good day, (and sorry for English mistakes, hopefully you cannot hear my french accent with them~)


Amy Jo Ehman said...

Salut Charlotte! You'll find Saskatchewan maple syrup at the SaskMade Marketplace in Saskatoon at 1621 8th Street East. They will also ship orders by mail. Call them at 1-888-955-1832 to place an order.

You could also call the farmers directly. They are both at the town of Kamsack:
Gerry Moriarty, Leprechaun Taps: 306-542-4220
Allen Bennett, Assiniboine River Taps: 306-590-8333

Charlotte RICAUD said...

Ok GREAT!! Thank you very much for quick answer :)

Rishelle Kei Wong said...

Hi! I wonder if you allow visitors in your maple tree farm? My aunt from the United States are coming over for a quick visit and they would love to see a maple tree farm and would love to know how maple syrup is produced.

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