Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yogurt at the farmers' market

Love berries? Love yogurt? You'll really love this creamy berry yogurt available at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market.

Gerry Hounjet makes the yogurt using live yogurt cultures and locally-grown berries, including saskatoon berries from the family orchard at Grandora. There are 15 different flavours and flavour combinations, including mixed berries, vanilla and good old plain.
The sugar free yogurt is sweetened with stevia. 

Gerry sells about 300 containers of various sizes per week. You’ll see lots of folks, especially children, spooning down the small personal sized yogurt for a market breakfast.

So, what’s his most popular flavour? “I’d like to say saskatoon berry because we grow them ourselves,” says Gerry, “but honestly, sour cherry takes preference.”

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umbrellalady said...

How wonderful to hear that Gerry Hounjet is so successful with his yogurt - it is so inspiring! The yogurt sounds so good that I think I have to go into the kitchen and start a batch for tomorrow...maybe with saskatoons. (Living in Manitoba is just a little too far to get any from Gerry!)