Thursday, March 10, 2011

Locally Grown in Watrous - March 24

Locally Grown
March 24 - 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Watrous Curling Rink
Information to help you respond to the demand for locally grown food:
“Food Centre Programs and Resources” - Erin Hiebert, Coordinator, HACCP Development Program, Saskatchewan Food and Industry Development Centre Inc
“Develop an Entrepreneurial Skill Set” - Monica Kreuger, Praxis School of Entrepreneurship
“Gaining Perspective: Local Food and Market Claims” - Chantal Jacobs, Provincial Specialist, Organic Crop Production, Ministry of Agriculture
“SAVI: Funding for Agri-Value Business” - Francine Brule, Provincial Business Management Specialist, Ministry of Agriculture
“Farm Gate to My Plate: Feeding the Appetite for Local Food” - Amy Jo Ehman, Author of Prairie Feast
“Farmers Markets” - Deb Claude, Saskatoon Farmers Market
“Financing for Your Business – Understanding How Your Bank Can Help You Grow” - Stacey Markowsky, Royal Bank of Canada
“Fruits and Vegetables for the Prairie Climate and Indoor Citrus & Fruit Trees” - M.P.M. Nair, Indoor-Citrus Breeder and Master Gardener
Please pre-register before March 21 by calling (306) 946-3220
Registration $35.00 A delicious lunch featuring locally grown products will be served.
Delivered by Saskatchewan Agriculture in partnership with the Nokomis Agricultural Society Inc.


Kelly said...

The danger of being a skimmer is that you misunderstand the meaning of what is written. When I read the headline at the top of this post I assumed that Watrous had turned their curling rink into a greenhouse and were growing beautiful tomatoes and peppers! LOL

Rachelle said...

Dear Amy,
I attended your talk at the U of S on Tuesday and very much appreciated it! Thanks again for sharing your story with us and I look forward to getting ahold of my Dad's copy of your book this summer.

In the discussion I had mentioned the directory that Yorkton had put together in the format of a brochure of producers of local products and I followed up by asking my Dad briefly about whether they have it online or not. As far as he knows it is not online, but he did tell me about a computer scientist in Regina who has created a map using Google that has some of the types of people we were discussing on Tuesday located!

It is a work in progress but here is an article about the man who has been working on this project:

And here is a link to the map he has developed:

Thanks again,