Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Soup Week 44 - Memories of Meadow Lake

I picked up this bag of Yukon Gold potatoes in Meadow Lake while at a book event for Prairie Feast. Then John got overly ambitions and cooked up a mess of mashed potatoes. 

I will confide, I'm not a big fan of mashed potatoes, so I turned them into soup. Add onions, bacon and chanterelle mushrooms and, well, those mashed potatoes were mighty good. I hardly noticed them!

My Saskatchewan soup project is in the home stretch -- just a handful of weeks to go in my New Year's resolution to cook 52 soups, one for each week in 2010.

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Canadian Woman in London said...

Hi Amy! Wow...here I am, a born in Saskatchewan girl who hasn't lived there since I was 13, now at home in London, England (after 22 years in Vancouver) where I googled for a leftover chicken pie recipe...and up popped your blog! So nice to discover you as I'm a true foodie, and love to hear about Canadian ingredients/recipes. I'm heading off to the kitchen to cook my meal, following your Grandma's inspiration. Thank you!