Thursday, November 25, 2010

Raw Milk Debate

Folks who would like to buy raw milk directly from the farm may be interested in meeting Michael Schmidt, a dairy farmer from Ontario and crusader for the direct sale of farm milk. Mr. Schmidt was prosecuted for selling his milk, but was acquitted in court. However, selling raw farm milk is, for the most part, illegal in Canada. (Read the National Post article.)

Mr. Schmidt is giving a presentation in Regina: Dec. 5, 2 pm at St. Mary's Anglican church (corner of 15th Ave. and Montague Street). For more information, please contact Jana Kutarna (306) 586-0887.


uncanny said...

I grew up on raw farm milk... and I'm going to be honest: only a sucker would pay extra for it. I never noticed any benefit over normal pasteurized milk, and because it was from a single cow on pasture, it frequently tasted weird depending what said cow ate that day. "The good old days" weren't that great.U

Jana Kutarna said...

Hi Amy Jo, I set up a raw milk petition that people can sign. They can find a link to it on my website: