Friday, August 20, 2010

Ian Brown likes the Smokehaus

The Globe and Mail's Ian Brown has been singing the praises of one of my favourite butchers - the Smokehaus in Martensville. Ian is on a national food road trip and visited Saskatchewan a few weeks ago.

The Smokehaus makes my favourite breakfast sausages, which we had for dinner tonight with blueberry pancakes. These blueberries are fresh-picked from the northern forest.

A lot of people think Saskatchewan is nothing but flat fields, but these people have obviously never picked blueberries here.

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Anonymous said...

Trent just finished cutting and wrapping a whole hog, and making sausages and bacon from it for me. I can certainly second this opinion - he's very good, very knowledgeable, and quite willing to work with you. I know he's tried some different things for different folks - for us, he made breakfast sausages, spicy Italian sausages, andoullie sausages etc wih recipes I gave him. I know he's also made biltong and boerewors (google those) for another South African who asked him.

And try his honey ham too - good stuff!