Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dinner at Cultivate

Cultivate is the latest culinary venture of Chef Moe Mathieu -- it's a "pop up" restaurant at the Saskatoon Famers' Market with a distinctly Canadian flavour.

"Pop up" refers to the fact there is no restaurant. Moe and his crew of culinary students set up tables and start from scratch every day when the market closes. We met a group of friends for a sultry evening, with the big overhead doors of the market wide open to the evening air.

Amuse bouche of chunky apple sorbet and Rainier cherry. A lovely mouthful.

Acadia pea soup with long-roasted pressed pork and sour cream. The addition of green peas to the traditional split green pea soup was fabulous.

Raspberry sorbet on a bed of fresh basil. Now that I think of it, maybe it was cherry sorbet. No matter, the addition of fresh julienne basil was a surprising hit.

Coffee and donut shortribs (that's a timbit on top!). Melt in your mouth ribs - delicious even without Tim's.

Quebec inspired duck tortiere. Debbie overflowed with superlatives for this dish. 

Roast root vegetable pavé. Joan runs a market garden, so she had to try to pavé (which, we learned, means pressed). She was im-pressed!

Cherry sorbet on chocolate softcake with prairie cherry coulis. Even when my tummy is full, there's room in my heart for dessert. Especially chocolate and cherry.  

Cultivate does not have a liquor licence (due to what must be some of the wackiest liquor laws in the free world) but we made up for it by sipping these gorgeous cucmber mint juleps
(and no bourbon passed our lips!)


Chef Moe (left) working with his students in their borrowed kitchen at the farmers' market. Reservations 384-6262.


Meg said...


Just wanted to tell you I bought your book yesterday. It is wonderful. Thanks for writing. Probably one of the most down to earth ones I've read yet oni local food. I love the blog too!

Rural Alberta

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Thanks, Meg!