Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Kitchen

It's time to introduce my new kitchen to the world. The house was built this summer and we are now at the point of making some crucial decisions about the kitchen. That's my husband John in the tool belt. And here's the view from my new kitchen window. (John built that garage, too.)

This is the first timberframe house in Saskatoon - we know that because we had such a hard time getting a building permit. But all's going well now. Estimated move in day is sometime in May.

The big questions now are: do I want gas or electric, convection or not, black or silver, cherrywood or maple?


Sarah said...

The house looks great. Good luck with everything.
As for stove go with gas and convect.
Do not under any circumstances buy a kitchen aid architectural series. The oven heat is variable and the glass top burners are either hot or cold and don't react very fast. I hate mine.

Laureen said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see it.

fresh said...

Gas, stainless ( always stainless) and Cherry cabinets. If you can afford it, get a Wolf.

Heather Acton said...

A friend introduced me to your blog and I'm so glad she did! I've subscribed to your feed and I look forward to following along and learning as I go!

Good luck with the kitchen build. I'm envious!

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Thanks for the advice. We've decided on a cherry kitchen with stainless appliances, including a gas stove.