Monday, January 11, 2010

Soup Week 2 - VENISON SOUP

Week 2 and my New Year's resolution is still going strong ~ to make a pot of soup each week.

This week's soup is made with venison from our friend Leon and juniper berries I picked last summer at Cranberry Flats.

The recipe came from chef Tina Nordstron of Sweden, who did a Scandinavian cooking show for PBS television. You'll find the recipe here. Note: Tina's recipe is a stew so I added more water (I didn't use beer, as she did) to make it into a delicious soup. I also used Saskatchewan morels for extra local flavour. Very good when it's ~30 outside!


The Humble Bee said...

Interesting soup! There is a lot of creeping juniper around me, I've wanted to try cooking with the berries - did you have to prepare them any way before cooking with them? Thanks

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Dear Humble Bee...
Since I picked the berries in the wild, I wasn't worried about lawn or exhaust contamination, so I didn't wash them. It was fall and the berries were quite blue (no longer green).

In fact, I put the berries in my jacket pocket and forget them there for a few months. By the time I rediscovered them, they were quiet dried out. I put them into a spice jar.

I tried them in soup two ways:
1) I put 10 whole juniper berries in the soup.
2) I put 4 crushed juniper berries in the soup (crushed with a mortar and pestle)

Both methods left a nice subtle flavour.

The problem with the whole berries is that you have to be careful not to eat them, as they're quite overpowering. I recommend crushing them.

The Humble Bee said...

Great, thanks. I'll be sure to try cooking with them this year!