Friday, January 29, 2010

More about those lemons...

These lemons were grown by master gardener and retired engineer M.P.M. Nair on his acreage south of Saskatoon.

Using a cutting from his home in India, he grew and selected the lemons over 30 years, until he developed a lemon that would grow as a bush, flowering four times a year and thriving in the low light of a south-facing window, even in a Saskatchewan winter.

Each type of lemon has a different characteristic whether it will be used for the juice or the peel, some with seeds and some seedless.

Nair's goal is to one day see many folks growing his lemons at home. I'll write more about his lemons in an upcoming newspaper column.


Audrey said...

Hi Amy Jo,

I'm one of those people who would love to grow one of these lemon bushes. Our family is building in the eco-village in Craik and we're part of the CSLP planning committee. I'm wondering if your friend might be interested in participating in the Solar Fair? Can you help me contact him? I think a seminar would be fantastic!
- Audrey

Sarah said...

I'd love to grow those lemons!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Here I thought I was the only one in Sask with lemons!:) My meyer lemon is faithfully producing, but I would love to try growing other varieties - could you send me the contact info?? Thanks! Susan Chalmers
btw - since I always like to be different - I think I'll try growing sweet potatoes for the CSA this year - prob get a crop 4/10 years, but its worth trying!!