Thursday, March 12, 2009

Local Bounty II

The second Local Bounty conference was held this past weekend in Saskatoon bringing chefs and farmers together to share their passion for locally-produced food.

Guest speaker was Chef Wade Sirois of Calgary's Forage - Farm to Fork Foods to Go, a catering and take-away service that focusses on fresh farm food. I love his motto: Food you know from people you know. Wade blogged about his trip to Saskatoon and confesses he was blow away by the local food scene.

In particular, he raves about the lunch buffet served by Executive Chef Anthony McCarthy, which was truly spectacular -- proof that local chefs have absolutely no fear in producing a gourmet meal based on the bounty of Saskatchewan.

As for that local bounty, a few new products came onto my radar:

Fresh Air Flavours of Nipawin isn't exactly new, but owner Julie Remple has created smart new labels for her line of savoury jams and pesto. She gave me some samples and I'm really enjoying them.

Bedard Creek Acres is producing a line of syrups made with flowers and herds from their farm at Choiceland. Imagine pouring Red Clover Blossom Syrup on your French toast. Recipes on the website include ideas for using it with salmon, ham and even burritos.

There's a new CSA at Aberdeen. CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture -- The idea is that consumers buy into the product up front and pledge to purchase a certain amount of the harvest. The CSA at Fruition Orchard is offering fruit, berries, tomatoes and honey.

Another exciting development is a new restaurant soon to open in Saskatoon. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to publicize it yet, so let this be a tease.... Watch here for details!

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