Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saskatchewan menus

I would eat on the patio every evening in summer, and I would make every meal a Saskatchewan meal. Here are two recent examples:

Grilled lamb chops with chanterelle mushroom and mint sauce, new potatoes and garden beans, carrots and peas with a mustard mayonnaise. Strawberry shortcake.

Meatloaf made with beef and elk, glazed with Droolin' Devil hot mustard sauce, panfried potatoes and a baby beet and beet green salad with feta and candided walnuts. (close up of beet salad)


Andrea said...

Mmm. And it always smells so good in my house next door! :)

Soon we'll have to incorporate crab apples into every recipe.

Anonymous said...

I love these recipes. They *definitely* inspire me.

Jen Q