Friday, January 05, 2007

TV Cooking Show

I have watched plenty of TV cooking shows, but I had never been in one until now. And you know what -- it's not easy! Everything has to be preplanned and precut and even premade -- and then you have to cook in full makeup and nice clothes with a buddy and make it look easy.

Here's the scoop: CBC TV is starting a new afternoon talk show called Living Saskatchewan and, as a pilot project, they are having a weeklong cooking class, each day preparing a different course in an all-Saskatchewan meal. I was asked to give the recipes fun Saskatchewan names. So, here's the menu: Monday - Jumping Mustard Chutney; Tuesday - Temperance Street Pear Soup; Wednesday - Wild West Salad; Thursday - Salt of the Earth Trout; Friday - Prairie Berry Pie. (I'll post the recipes that week.)

The show runs weekdays from 1-2 (starting next week). The cooking segment will run the week of Jan. 29. If you have a chance to see any of it, let me know what you think. At this point, the CBC isn't planning any more cooking shows, but you never know...

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Anonymous said...

This is great, thank you!
I want to start looking for more locally produced foods, and this is a great short-cut for preparing my next shopping list.