Friday, December 29, 2006

My Christmas Goose

Well, I cooked my goose this Christmas! Yes, we had a Christmas goose. It was the first time I ever cooked a goose – and a wild one at that – and it turned out fabulously.

I found a recipe online attributed to Mario Batali. It called for goose breasts rolled with a stuffing of apples, potatoes and caraway seeds. The proportions of the recipe were all wrong – unless your goose is a giant – but I adapted it for my modest sized wild white goose. Very very good. (I won’t put the recipe here. If you google it, you’ll get a zillion hits.) Now that I’ve had one go at it, I plan to create my own goose recipe which I will post once I achieve success.

I served our Christmas gooses with Dolgo crabapple jelly (a gift from Boris and Anne) and a wild rice salad. (See recipe at November 20, 2006.) Thanks so much to my hunting friends Sue and Vance who provided the Saskatchewan goose. They also gave me some ducks and venison, so it will be a wild time in the ol’ kitchen this winter!

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