Thursday, December 14, 2006

The cleanest kitchen on earth

If you think the College of Agriculture is all about farming, you’ve got to see the kitchen on the sixth floor. The king of this kitchen is Gerald Henriksen, a man of theatrical style and impeccable taste. Beneath his starched white chef’s apron he wears a pinstripe shirt with gold cufflinks, dress slacks and tasseled leather shoes. His stainless steel kitchen is so spotless you might mistake it for the showroom of an appliance store. He polishes every pot and pan himself after every use.

So, with that kind of attention to detail, you can imagine the goodies that come out of his kitchen. One of his goals is to get more Saskatchewan-grown products used in recognizable commercial foods. How about an Eat More bar that is 50 percent flax? Paté that tastes like meat but is made of beans? Chocolate pudding brimming with fibre from green peas? Vegetarian lasagna made with Saskatchewan lentils? We sampled his goodies from silver-rimmed China plates (on which he had placed a pink carnation) and washed it down with homemade Saskatchewan cherry wine. I have never before been wined and dined in a College of Agriculture, but now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense.

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I recently had Pumpkin pie made using Bean powder, instead of Pumpkin! You could not tell it was not made using Bean powder.
The Bean powder was made by a company in Saskatoon!

Amy Jo Ehman said...

That sounds great, Bruce. Do you know the name of the company? I'd certainly like to try it.