Friday, June 03, 2005


Saskatchewan Menu of the Week - June 1.

Breakfast – Yogurt and stewed rhubarb.
Lunch – Buffalo salami on a bun with sliced tomato.
Dinner – Bubble and Squeak, pork sausages.

Bubble and Squeek
I found this in a Britsh cookbook by The Two Fat Ladies.
3 cups chopped cooked cold potatoes
1/4 cup lard
1 onion minced
1 1/2 cups roughly chopped cabbage
salt and pepper

Melt half the lard in a frying pan. Cook onion lightly. Add potatoes and cabbage. Season with salt and pepper. Cook, pressing the mixture into the pan until the bottom browns, about 15 minutes. Add the other half of the lard. Flip the potatoes and cabbage and brown on the other side, another 15 minutes.

Sources: dad's potatoes, farmers' market cabbage.

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