Friday, March 20, 2015

Variations on a Greek salad

What makes an authentic Greek salad? Tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, onion, olives and slabs of feta cheese sprinkled with dried oregano, bathed in olive oil and... When in Greece, do as the Greeks do:

This Greek salad has sliced red peppers and a bed of slivered lettuce. Eaten at Melina's Café in Athens. The café is named for Melina Mercouri, a Greek actress, activist and politician, so beloved that museums are free on March 6, the day of her death in 1994.

Greek salad in a bun -- capers instead of olives. This was lunch in Elefsina (near Athens) after visiting the ruins of the temple of Demeter/Ceres, Greek goddess of agriculture and everlasting life.

This one has an unusual variation - finely chopped nuts. Next to a plate of grilled fish at a blue-checkered-tablecloth (seafood) restaurant in Tirnavos, a farming town north of Athens.

OK, this is not a traditional Greek salad - it's the winter wheat salad at the Acropolis Museum restaurant. It was delicious with slice of cheese pie. I asked for the recipe but they wouldn't share. :(


JoyD Gulas said...

Just this morning I was wondering where in the world you were. Now I know. If you go to Nafleon (spelling?) check out Savourus (means garbage in Greek) for fish. Have fun!

Dawn F. said...

Wow, they all look so delicious and colourful!