Friday, January 03, 2014

Prairie Kitchens - Tourtiere

My first tourtiere, that famous meat pie brought to Saskatchewan by settlers from French Canada. Curious, do you have tourtiere in your family tradition?

I used the recipe of the Marchand family of Bellevue, which was included in a new booklet on the history and flavours of that francophone region of Saskatchewan. Every year, mother and daughters get together and bake as many as 100 tourtieres for the Christmas season!

Download the booklet Saveurs et Savoirs 2. The recipe for tourtiere is on page 66-67.


Reine said...

We do have a tourtière tradition in my family. My great-grandmother used to make it, and I learned from her. Our recipe is very time-consuming but very simple. We take a pork butt roast with the bone in and boil it down until the meat falls off the bone and the broth becomes gelatinous. Then we add chopped onion and fresh garlic along with salt and pepper. Put it in the double crust made with lard (the only time I use lard all year). Bake.

That's it. Very simple. I've never met any one else who makes it this way, but I think my family has done it like this for a very very long time.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Thanks, Reine. That is a different version from what I've read, but it sounds delicious -- starting with a bone-in roast and using the broth. That's amazing flavour. Thanks for sharing your family tradition.

Anonymous said...

page 66 where? thank is something else

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Oops. Looks like that link has changed. Sorry about that. Go here instead:
To the right of the picture, choose Saveurs et saviors 2.pdf.