Sunday, December 22, 2013

Night Oven Bakery under Construction

It's the coolest thing in the world to watch a brick wood-fired bread oven under construction, and even cooler to have it in your own neighbourhood (ie my neighbourhood of City Park in Saskatoon).

Every bread lovers' fantasy - a wood-fired bake oven - under construction at the Night Oven Bakery. The wood fire is lit inside that heavy door.
The 9 ft dome from another angle. The bread, pastry, pizza, etc. slides in that narrow opening.
Bryn the baker explaining how he set the bricks and will harden them off with a 3-day burn.
In another part of the bakery, a massive mill stone for grinding flour. Another identical stone will be placed on top. It will grind flour for the bakery and also custom orders for organic flour. 
Bryn chats with Wayne, a stone mason who is installing three chimney flues.

Bread pans waiting for their date with the oven.
Night Oven Bakery and Café is set to open end January
at 629b 1st Ave. North, Saskatoon.
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