Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prairie Kitchens - Mrs. Diefenbaker's cookbook

Canada's 13th Prime Minister, John G. Diefenbaker, had a very close relationship with his mother, Mary, and I imagine she cooked many a fine meal for the young Dief from her well-worn Good Housekeeping cookbook. Obviously, he had fond memories because he kept her cookbook in his library and eventually donated it to the Diefenbaker archive at the University of Saskatchewan.

Diefenbaker's hand-written note indicating this is his mother's cookbook. The cookbook is dated 1931.

The most used page? It's certainly the most splattered, tomato sauce and all.

Other cookbooks in the Diefenbaker archive, these belonging to Dief's wife Olive:

Canadian Wild Game Cook Book - Jamie Duffield Pearson (1965)
Food the Really Schmecks - Edna Staebler (1968)
The Fireside Cook Book - James Beard (1949)
Saskatchewan Sportsman's Gourmet Guide - Henrietta Goplen (1968)
Chinese Recipes and Cookery - Li Yung (1972)
The Scots Kitchen - Marian McNeill (1961)
Jewish Cooking for Pleasure - Molly Lyons Bar-David (see inscription below)


Axle Davids said...

Thanks for sharing! The last book is by my Grandmother Molly Lions!

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Wow Axle, that's so special!!