Monday, March 25, 2013

Restaurant Review - Bliss Fine Food

Had a lovely late lunch at Bliss with my foodie friend, CJ Katz, of Regina (author of the prairie cookbook Taste). Read my review of Bliss in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

We started with the soup and salad combo for $10. CJ had carrot soup and a spinach salad with a fabulous saskatoon berry dressing. I went for the amazing potato bacon soup and quinoa tabbouleh.

 When Chef Derek Cotton tried to take the potato soup off the menu, his customers complained!

We shared the falafel sandwich. Not quite what I was expecting, having eaten quite a few falafel in its native lands, but a good vegetarian burger option.

Inside, Bliss is sunny and stylish.
(Photos by CJ Katz)

1002 Broadway Avenue


Susan B said...

Every time I have been to Bliss the food comes to my table sizzling hot! I love that! Yummy and NOT sitting under heat lamps! yay!

Anonymous said...

Does Bliss ever offer Deals or promotional events?