Monday, December 10, 2012

Restaurant Review - Seoul Korean

Instead of our usual potluck discussion, my bookclub recently met at a restaurant to discuss our current book, a Korean bestseller called Please Look After Mom. So, of course, we went to a Korean restaurant. All round, a real learning experience! Read my review of Seoul Korean in the Star Phoenix. 

A calm bright interior with touches of Korea -
a contrast to the busy street outside.

Meat is grilled by the diners on a hot plate embedded in the table.
Side dishes include kimchi, a national dish of Korea.

Soju - Korea's most popular distilled beverage.
We were pleasantly surprised by its sweet mellowness.
Very easy to sip!

A fried rice dish -
All the food was beautifully presented.

Our server didn't speak English very well, but no worries because the menu, with pictures and ingredients, is conveniently provided on an ipad.

334 20th Street West, Saskatoon
Check out their menu online.

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