Friday, January 06, 2012

Slow Food Canada

I've hit the big time - Slow Food Canada!

My recipe for Cherry-Blueberry Cobbler was featured in the recent Slow Food newsletter. Check it out online.

Are you a member of the Slow Food movement? Would you be interested in started a "convivium" for Saskatoon and area? If so, let's talk...


jj said...

Depending on how wide your 'and area' extended, I would be interested :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
About 3 years ago Marc and I were discussing this... it's a fair bit of work to initiate it, do paper work etc. I am into being a guest and would love to see a convivium here, but don't have the extra time to devote to getting it going. If you or others are able to do the leg work, I'll come with my casserole!!
-Yvonne H.

Sarah said...

Possibly we would have one or two 'convivia' for the province. I am very interested but in Swift Current.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy...How are you? Grant and I would be interested in joining a convivium. Wakaw isn't too far from Saskatoon and we are into the city about once a week. Cheers. Patricia

Freelance Journalist

Kate said...

You. Are. BRILLIANT!!! I have been having trouble changing my shopping habits...have conquered everything but meat and dairy here in Saskatoon. Then I found this website. SUPER FANTASTIC!!! Thank-you!!!