Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shishliki on the Lamb

So there I was, dashing along Hwy #5 to Kamsack, when I spied a sign for shishliki. So, I turned in. It was a sheep farm and the shishliki was made by the farmer. Who could resist? I bought a few packages before heading on my way.

Shishliki is marinated lamb or pork done in a style that was brought to Saskatchewan by immigrants from Russia. It's a popular delicacy in the Canora-Yorkton area. In fact, Sat., June 25 is Shishliki Day in Veregin.

I made shishliki once myself using venison and this recipe from the old Time-Life Foods of the World series. Darn good...


Anonymous said...

you're so creative - I bet you'd kick butt on that show coming out soon, Extreme Chef lol they go through such cool challenges!!

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Extreme chef should have a Saskatchewan challenge! Of course, with all the great foods we produce in Saskatchewan, it would be a very tasty show.

Anonymous said...

That is not the traditional recipe for Shishliki. I grew up 15km from Veregin. There is a debate amongst us true "Shish" lovers. This recipe comes from many generation of local Shish makers.

50 lbs.Lamb cut in two inch cubes

1/3 weight in onions chopped (16.6 lbs)

6 oz. salt

2 oz. pepper

and this is where the debate rages....

THATS IT! no lemon on olive oil, nothing.

marinate for 5-7 days while mixing once a day.

best cooked over coals on long skewers

Anonymous said...

As anon said, you dont know how to marinate shishliki. I grew up in the heart of shishlki country. Per 50 lbs.

8 oz. Salt
3-4 oz pepper depending on how spicy you like it. Use a higher grade of pepper like Watkins. You need 1/3 peeled and sliced onions to meat, so 20 lbs. of onions. Cube meat to approx 2 inches. On a large table, spread some plastic to cover, then spread out the meat. Sprinkle half the pepper and salt onto the meat. Keep turning and rubbing the salt and pepper on the meat. Put the rest of the salt and pepper on the meat and rub it on again. Start putting your sliced onions and meat into your containers. Put in a cool place such as a walk in cooler for this amount. Turn the meat once a day. Shishliki will be ready in 3-4 days.

Anonymous said...

I will add my the recipe my mother gave. I grew up in Kamsack

Take large Crock.

Layer of Lamb cubed with salt and pepper on top of the layer

Layer of onions sliced or chopped your preference.

Repeat the layering until the crock is full.

Store in Fridge or cooler 8 days.

Derek Steel

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Thanks, Derek! So simple and so delicious. Do you still make shishliki?

Anonymous said...

I think you're recipes are lacking in a lot. Especially for 50 lbs.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

nana grew up 7 miles from Veregin. Always always used lemon like she learned from the doukhobors' and i still use today mmmmm gotta go make some now

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Nana knows best!!

oxquo said...

I use equal meat to onion usually bear hind quarters. As for salt I use Himalayan pink salt. As for pepper I use corns and crush em with a hammer for fresher taste. Also I use one crushed clove of garlic for every 2 lbs of meat. It's done when the onions are transparent not based on a time frame. It's the enzyme in the onions that marinate the meat. How much salt or pepper is a preference as is the lemon but I prefer adding lemon after its cooked for those who hate it with.