Saturday, July 03, 2010

Saskatoon Berry Festival

I spent the day in Mortlach, home of the Saskatoon Berry Festival. I live in a city called Saskatoon, but it took the little town of Mortlach to latch onto the way overdue notion of feting the famous berry of the prairies with a festival of its own.

There's a lot going on at the Saskatoon Berry Festival, but of course I went right for the food.

At the invitation of Lois at the Hollyhock Market, I set up a table to promote my book Prairie Feast, which recounts that oh so prairie ritual of going out to pick wild saskatoons. The wild saskatoon berry season starts soon... can't wait!

The Hollyhock Market is a friendly natuaral food store that's fun to poke around in. Lois has done a fabulous job of bringing ecclectic, healthy and organic food to her town. She has a big garden in the lot next door and a flock of laying hens out back. The small town ideal!

My table was right next to a very popular stand -- Over the Hill Orchards with its saskatoon and cherry jams, pies, etc. That's the owner Sylvia Kreutzer and her mom-in-law.


Julie said...

I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it! I'm intrigued by some of the recipes you mention that don't figure in the book - especially your pickle recipe! Is it a secret recipe or would you be willing to share?


kitchen tables said...

I was there in that festival. I also tried your Saskatoon Berry Sandwich. I was surprised on its unexplainable taste. It is so delicious.

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Hi Julie... I'll try to dig up that pickle recipe and post it.