Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicken in my Kitchen

Finally, the chicken mosiac leaves its cardboard box under my bed and finds its rightful place on my new kitchen wall. That's Clayton Underwood doing the tile work.

So here's the story behind the chickens: Several years ago, I saw a chicken mosiac at the Saskatchewan Craft Council's swank invitation-only art show. (Yes, I snuck in.) I loved the chicken mosaic so much I decided, after some deliberation, to buy it. To my horror, someone else had bought it in the meantime.

Turns out, it was my friend Janis Cousyn. So, I contracted the artist to make another mosiac for me. Unlike Janis's, mine includes some baby chicks (so I like mine better!). Anyway, Janis installed her chickens in a kitchen reno a couple of years ago, while mine languished under my bed.

No more. This week the mother hen is standing proud. Now if I could just get the plumbers to put in the gas line so I can install the new stove...

PS: If you're interested, the mosiac was made by Arbie Kepler of Saskatoon 306-244-8625.

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