Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gourmet cuisine at the Bessborough

So, what do the spouses do while their partners are at a national conference of physicians? The Canadian Medical Association is meeting in Saskatoon. Yesterday, some of the spouses cooked their own Saskatchewan lunch at the Bessborough under the watchful eye of Chef Ryan Marquis.

I was lucky enough to take part. We cooked Lake Diefenbaker steelheald trout, lentil pilaf and saskatoon berry crisp. Here are the yummy results.

Chef Ryan has created a new dining concept at the Bessborough's Garden Court called GCC - Gourmet Community Cuisine. The menu features many local ingredients in season. Check out the menu here. Chef Ryan was named 2009 Chef of the Year by the Canadian Federation of Chefs, Western Conference. Congratulations!

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