Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chicken x 4 and counting

I bought a lovely free-range chicken from Susan Chalmers' CSA at Furdale, outisde Saskatoon. A CSA is a farm/garden where consumers pay up-front for their food, which is delivered to them through the season as it becomes ready to eat. (CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.)

I'm totally hooked on old-fashioned run-around-the-farm chickens. They've got so much more flavour and good chicken fat than factory-farm birds, which makes them, in my opinion, much better for stews and soups. The chicken breasts were thick and juicy without the addition of water, which is often pressed into grocery store chicken meat.

Here's what Susan says about her chickens: "I'm so glad you liked them. They were a huge undertaking, but I am so glad I did them. It was good for my kids to see the process of raising them to table (as well as for me), and I feel good in the fact that they were able to lead a "normal" chicken life (albeit not a long one)." If you're interested in Susan's CSA, you can call her at 343-7990.

It's a big chicken -- more than two people could eat at one sitting -- so I've stretched it into several meals, the first of which was Chicken Cacciatore. I cut the meat off the bones, saving the breast, liver and carcass for another day.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a website for this farm, would love to go check it out, is there one?

Home for Dinner said...

Susan doesn't have a website, but she can be reached at 343-7990 or sachalmers at sasktel dott net.