Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A pheasant dinner - PHEASANT CACCIATORE

Before --------------------------------------------After

Of course, this pheasant has story: Sue and Vance bagged it down by Grasslands National Park. They gave it to me on New Year's Day, which was so bloody cold that I left the bird in the back of my car for a few days. One evening I met some friends (Sue and Vance among them) at Boffins for a drink and a skate, and I told them there was a pheasant in the back of my car. Later, when I came out to my car, the pheasant was gone.

Who on earth would steal a dead bird from the back of a car? No one, as it seems. We found Mr. Pheasant behind the steering wheel buckled in as if he were the chauffer! Quite a sight, I tell you. The funny thing is, we'd been making pecker jokes all evening -- as in Keep Your Pecker Up -- which in England means Keep Your Chin Up -- the pecker being a beak. So, in my best fake English accent (apologies to Tina), may I say that The pecker was in the driver's seat!

All that aside, it was quite tasty in the slow cooked Italian dish called cacciatore. You'll find the recipe at this post.

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