Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Food Resolution

I resolve in 2009 to eat more potatoes. I know, I know, potatoes get a bad rap as a weight-gaining carbo. But the truth is, they're very good for you. Besides, the potato is the only vegetable for which Saskatchewan (and my family) is self-sufficient. That's reason enough to eat more.

I just read a history of the potato by John Reader in which he says the potato eaten with a dairy product is more nutritious than a slice of whole wheat bread. Even so, when it arrived in Europe from South America (with the Spanish in the mid 1500s) people refused to eat it. Doctors said it caused leprosy and preachers said it caused lust. It was adopted by the aristocracy (who staged dinners with potatoes in every course) and eventually trickled down to the masses. And who today can imagine a world without shepherd's pie, latkes and potato perogies?

To kick off my New Year's Resolution, I seved an all-potato dinner. It began with latkes and pakoras, then a roast chicken with tartiflette and a potato & red pepper pie, wrapping up with potato cookies and chocolate martinis with potato vodka. Okay, the cookies were wierd, but the chocolate vodka was great! (Thanks Sarah and Curt!!)

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Jay Kennard said...

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